Construction Services

General Contractors

When you considering remodeling a room in your home, or building an addition onto it, what would you consider to be the thing that holds that project together? At WH Construction & Roofing Contractors, LLC, we know it's your licensed general contractor.

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There are disaster cleanup companies that can get the job done, and there are emergency restoration experts who go the extra mile. WH Construction & Roofing Contractors, LLC is one of the latter. For years we have been focused on providing support and compassion during the restoration process to families who have been through natural disasters that tore their homes and lives apart.

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Storm Damage

If strong winds sent a limb crashing into your window or hail knocked down half of your wooden fence, you need a construction contractor you can rely on. Any storm, regardless of severity, can damage your home. If you wait to fix the damage, you’re leaving yourself open to more costly repairs.

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